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Envision Drafting was established in 1992.  Locally owned and opperated out of Regina, Saskatchewan. Using current technologies, current building practices, & exceeding building code designs,  we have designed projects all over Western Canada, predominantly in Southern Saskatchewan. 

-Custom Homes Design

-Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff.

-Detailed construction drawings

-Timely updated plans along the design process

-3D modelling

-Internal & Exterior 3D views

-Colour Rendering 

-Timely Communication

-Custom Alterations

-Site Plans

-Engineering Details

-Commercial Projects

-Architectural Drafting & building modelling


We spend the time and effort up front on the design, minimising and eliminating construction errors, delays, and unplanned construction costs. 

DESIGN TEAM [over 47 combined years of experience]

Peter Modderman

Tim Modderman 

Lance Kruger 

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