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Commercial Projects:

Building/project less than 600 square meters:

Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada limits building sizes to less than 600 square meters for us at Envision.  At Envision we have done many different projects that fall into this category ranging from major commercial renovations, multi-unit living complexes, commercial additions, and warehouse storage facilities. You will find it much more cost effective to have us do your commercial project then to hire an architect or engineer.

Building/project greater than 600 square meters:

For projects larger than 600 square meters we would need to team up with an architect or an engineer to abide by the laws of Canada.  Over the years we have teamed up with other firms to work on various structures ranging from arenas to large condominiums. If you have an architect or engineer ready for your project we would love to team up and offer our experience and designing capabilities to your project.


  • Condominiums

  • Care Homes

  • 2-5 Unit multi-family dwellings

  • Warehouse facilities

  • Shops & garages

  • Additions to commercial buildings

  • Riding Arena

  • Drafting details

  • Multi-tenant commercial buildings (1-2 storey)

  • Town Hall additions


We can also join your design team and add external and internal 3D renderings. These can be used for meetings, brochures, advertising, etc.

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